Pipe splitting is a trenchless method for replacing old or damaged lines from ½” to 1” in displaceable soil conditions. The Hammerhead HG 375AT is used to split the existing pipe along its length (up to 100’) while a new pipe is being pulled in behind. Pipe splitting saves time and un-needed costs by splitting the old pipe while simultaneously installing the replacement in the same path as the original pipe, eliminating the need for open trenching.

As underground piping systems age, they become vulnerable to corrosion and failure, pipe splitting is a great way to replace this aging infrastructure in the most cost effective and least disruptive way. Pipe splitting is a trenchless method that was developed to achieve a goal of replacing MDPE, HDPE, PVC or Aldyl-A pipe while minimizing the impact. In order to make space for the new pipe to be installed, the old pipe is split along its longitudinal length. An expander, located just behind the cutting head, pushes the split pipe open so that the new trailing pipe can easily be pulled into place.